Last 300 src ports www xenocara

www sthen@ modified faq/current.html: mention php default version switch

www dtucker@ modified a couple things: Mark up ssh-add(1) links too.

www dtucker@ modified a couple things: Linkify tarballs as download links.

www dtucker@ modified a couple things: Add markup to link to man pages.

www dtucker@ modified many things: More present tense in releasenotes.

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors.dat: comment-out, currently down, reported by mazocomp at disroot org

www tj@ modified errata6*: release ipsec and libcrypto errata.

www bcook@ modified libressl: LibreSSL 2.7.3 release

www naddy@ modified 63.html: 8254 mips64el packages

www zhuk@ modified faq/current.html: Mention SMTP client removal from apcupsd package, since scripts using the "smtp" command…

www tj@ changed a few things: add 6.3 art and remove some duplicate files. reminded by jungle boogie on misc

www tb@ modified faq/faq14.html: don't display reboot after bioctl -R and make it clearer that single user mode or bsd.rd are…

www deraadt@ modified hackathons.html: correct location

www deraadt@ changed a few things: p2k18 is a pledge+ports hackathon

www tb@ modified faq/faq10.html: zap telnet warnings from raf czlonka

www tj@ modified faq/faq15.html: pkg_info in 6.3 has issues with, so switch the example installurl bac…

www sthen@ modified faq/ports/guide.html: Drop section about concurrent vs simple for SEPARATE_BUILD, this was simplified to j…

www tj@ modified errata63.html: reorder so the libtls/arp links work properly. noticed by jan stary

www tj@ modified errata6*: release libtls/arp/gif/httpd errata.

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: add a note on the security/kc keychain format change (dump all keychains before updating).…

www tb@ modified events.html: it's 2018 already. pointed out by Muhammad Zohaib

www otto@ modified want.html: really could use a proper rackmounted arm64 machine

www landry@ modified 63.html: 8809 powerpc packages on ftp for 6.3

www deraadt@ modified want.html: Getting a Cisco Nexus 9k switch would be really helpful to resolve a problem that is wasting…

www deraadt@ modified plus.html: more plus from jj

www tb@ modified faq/upgrade63.html: add quick links to macppc from larry hynes

www deraadt@ modified events.html: list relevant tutorials also

www deraadt@ modified index.html: No Bob, Apr 15 is official date. Apr 2 was just early access...

www afresh1@ modified errata6*: release perl errata

www tb@ modified events.html: html validation tweaks

www florian@ modified events.html: add BSDCan 2018, prodding deraadt@

www deraadt@ modified innovations.html: MAP_STACK

www florian@ modified faq/current.html: explain httpd.conf churn

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: tweak previous: make html valid and use the usual faq style

www deraadt@ modified lyrics.html: link to the big audio cd images, for fun

www landry@ modified 63.html: final pkg count for sparc64

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors.dat: has now moved to Plymouth (on a different machine), IPs/pubkeys…

www sthen@ modified 63.html: 6582 ftp packages for arm

www deraadt@ modified plus.html: chunk of plus from Janne Johansson; THANK YOU VERY MUCH

www dtucker@ modified openssh/releasenotes.html: Regenerate release notes to include release dates in the text.

www phessler@ modified 63.html: package counts for 32bit arm

www dtucker@ modified build/openssh/ Put the release date in the release notes if not already there. Based on disc…

www dtucker@ modified openssh/txt/release-*: Put release dates in historic release notes. bz#2847, ok djm@

www djm@ modified openssh/report.html: mention that the portable openssh mailing list needs subscription before posting

www lteo@ modified faq/current.html: Document PF_TRANS_ALTQ removal.

www tb@ modified faq/faq6.html: the shared address space range is, not from seth hanford

www visa@ modified octeon.html: Tweak the layout, and add not yets about USB on ER-4 and ER-6P.

www tb@ modified faq/upgrade63.html: add a link to the soii documentation in ifconfig(8)

www visa@ modified octeon.html: Roll the release.

www visa@ modified octeon.html: Add links for ER-4 and ER-6P.

www dlg@ modified 63.html: slight grammar fix.

www tj@ modified faq/faq4.html: reorder a few paragraphs for clarity. as a bonus, remove the line saying you need to move your…

www djm@ added openssh/txt/release-7.7: release notes for OpenSSH 7.7

www djm@ modified many things: OpenSSH 7.7

www kettenis@ modified arm64.html: Update a bit; we don't really differentiate between SoCs anymore.

www deraadt@ changed a few things: release 6.3

www beck@ modified index.html: Correct release date

www tj@ changed many things: 6.3 updates ok tb

www naddy@ modified 63.html: restore mips64 package count; maybe mirroring was slow?

www deraadt@ modified 63.html: more packages

www deraadt@ modified 63.html: update package counts

www bcook@ modified libressl: LibreSSL 2.7.2 release

www tj@ modified many things: move openbsd foundation links to https ok beck

www visa@ modified 63.html: package count for mips64

www visa@ modified 63.html: Fix mips64 package count to match what is actually available via FTP.

www phessler@ modified 63.html: aarch64/arm64 has built 7990 packages this release

www tb@ modified faq/upgrade63.html: fix inconsistent capitalization

www deraadt@ modified events.html: kill extra "

www sthen@ modified 63.html: 9361 packages for i386 in 6.3 (after a lot of retries for rust and several retries for chromium a…

www deraadt@ changed a couple things: presentation in calgary few days ago

www deraadt@ modified 63.html: amd64: 9912

www tj@ modified events.html: add vmm update video

www sthen@ modified want.html: remove request, thanks Theo.

www sthen@ modified want.html: change my drive request from 2TB+ to 1TB+ in the hope somebody has something spare lying around…

www stsp@ modified 63.html: note that bwfm(4) is experimental and not compiled by default

www tb@ modified 63.html: tweaks to the installer section. let's advertise the new bsd.rd fetching bit in 6.4 when we figured…

www schwarze@ modified 63.html: some more userland bits, plus syncookies

www stsp@ modified want.html: I have some ALFA AWUS036NHA (AR9271) now; remove my request. Thanks to Paul de Weerd and Dave Vo…

www schwarze@ modified 63.html: a few nice details were polished in mandoc, but nothing spectacular enough to be listed here,…

www espie@ modified 63.html: fix dpb section and add link

www krw@ modified 63.html: Some installer improvements.

www espie@ modified 63.html: +https session resumption +ports tree privsep improvements

www gilles@ modified 63.html: fill my part

www gilles@ modified opensmtpd/index.html: unlink FAQ from front page until someone can commit to improve and maintain it up t…

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: roll for 6.3-current

www phessler@ modified 63.html: mention the RFC OK florian@

www bcook@ modified 63.html: int_x509_param_set_hosts did not exist in OpenBSD 6.2 / LibreSSL 2.6.x ok beck@

www jsg@ modified 63.html: RK3228 -> RK3288 as "rockchip,rk3228-tsadc" isn't matched in rktemp(4).

www jsg@ modified 63.html: tweak

www deraadt@ modified 63.html: getting closer to finishing this file..

www deraadt@ modified 63.html: add openssh and opensmtpd chunks

www dlg@ modified 63.html: there were a bunch of tunnel changes, mostly around GRE.

www dlg@ modified 63.html: pools perturb the order of items on newly allocated pages.

www jsg@ modified 63.html: tweaks/typo

www jmatthew@ modified 63.html: sdmmc hibernate and vmt snapshot support

www jsg@ modified 63.html: tweaks/typo fixes

www bluhm@ modified 63.html: Add network, pf, and syslogd improvements.

www tj@ removed faq/faq*: remove empty redirect pages. ok tb

www krw@ modified 63.html: The rest of the dhclient(8) improvements.

www job@ modified 63.html: Highlight that pkg_add(1) now plays nicer with

www landry@ modified 63.html: Correct last-minute firefox/thunderbird versions.

www deraadt@ modified 63.html: typo

www deraadt@ modified 63.html: tweaks

www tb@ modified 63.html: some stuff i did: hostname in prompts and other ksh stuff, printf tweaks, fd auditing, jot improveme…

www kettenis@ modified 63.html: Mention SPARC T7-1/2/4 support.

www mpi@ modified 63.html: - vmd(8)/vmm(4) understand BREAKs - no more KERNEL_LOCK() as soon as IPsec is enable - no more KERN…

www stsp@ modified 63.html: some news from the wireless department

www deraadt@ modified 63.html: various changes in 6.3

www florian@ modified 63.html: fix markup

www florian@ modified 63.html: I deleted code in sys/netinet6

www florian@ modified 63.html: slaacd: RFC 7217 and RFC 8064

www kn@ modified 63.html: Update Chromium, Firefox and SQLite3 versions

www florian@ modified 63.html: phessler took one for the team and removed a /64 limitation

www florian@ modified 63.html: acme-client improvements

www pd@ modified 63.html: vmctl send / receive now works for AMD hosts

www mlarkin@ modified 63.html: more vmm/vmd improvements that went into 6.3

www mlarkin@ modified 63.html: mention meltdown mitigation for Intel CPUs on amd64

www deraadt@ changed many things: prepare for 6.3

www guenther@ modified 63.html: new bits

www jsg@ modified 63.html: driver changes

www tj@ changed a few things: tweak intro text, add 6.1 and 6.2 art, link to shirts/hackathon pages discussed with deraadt

www jsg@ modified 63.html: correct OpenSMTPD/OpenSSH/LibreSSL version numbers

www visa@ modified 63.html: mips64 and octeon news

www anton@ modified 63.html: mention support for pms(4) reset announcements

www jsg@ modified 63.html: mention Intel CPU microcode loading on amd64

www kettenis@ modified 63.html: Add a bit more ARM-related stuff.

www remi@ modified 63.html: mention ospfd depend on

www kettenis@ modified 63.html: armv7 FPU support

www deraadt@ changed a few things: try to make this page more about art

www tj@ modified faq/faq1.html: fix broken link to orders.html

www tj@ modified artwork.html: fix wording

www schwarze@ modified libressl/releases.html: add missing OpenBSD release tags, useful to correlate "available since OpenBSD…

www schwarze@ modified libressl: modernize man page links, no text change

www beck@ modified 63.html: Add libressl bits

www krw@ modified 63.html: fdisk(8), less(8), softraid(4) assorted improvements.

www krw@ modified 63.html: disklabel(8) assorted improvements.

www krw@ modified 63.html: First batch of dhclient(8) improvements. Fix typo spotted by guenther@.

www otto@ modified 63.html: malloc stuff

www bcook@ modified libressl/index.html: clarify 2.7.x is under development

www tb@ modified libressl/index.html: fix release date

www bcook@ modified libressl: 2.7.1 release

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors.dat: drop which isn't following the address format shown in the inst…

www tb@ added faq/upgrade63.html: add a first version of the upgrade 6.2->6.3 instructions

www beck@ modified libressl/index.html: 2.6.4 remains the latest stable release.

www bcook@ modified libressl/releases.html: bump minimum Windows OS to Vista

www bcook@ modified libressl: LibreSSL 2.7.0 release

www sthen@ modified donations.html: Thanks Oliver Marugg for your donation of an APU2.

www tj@ modified events.html: add asiabsdcon video links

www tj@ modified errata6*: release ipsec errata.

www ccardenas@ modified 63.html: Add vmd improvements.

www lteo@ modified 63.html: R is now at 3.4.4

www schwarze@ modified 62.html: typos in man links; from Thomas Alexander Frederiksen <thomasaf at twelveletter dot com> on te…

www sthen@ modified 63.html: update signify keys

www matthieu@ modified 63.html: Version numbers for base + xenocara

www matthieu@ modified 63.html: upgrade from 6.1 -> 6.2

www lteo@ modified 63.html: Update version numbers.

www deraadt@ modified 63.html: flush some of the old

www stsp@ modified want.html: If I had ALFA AWUS036NHA devices, I could try to get serial console on athn(4) firmware. Involve…

www deraadt@ modified 62.html: dissapointing. 62 song didn't arrive. will reuse it for 63 if the dissapointment doesn't strike…

www deraadt@ added 63.html: Another release process begins soon.

www florian@ modified want.html: Theo found a laptop for me. Thanks!

www florian@ modified faq/current.html: try to be more clear that v6 autoconf addresses will change after an upgrade

www florian@ modified faq/current.html: v6 addresses change once more

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: add a link and make some whitespace tweaks while there

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors.dat: ftp fixed on

www sthen@ modified a few things: sync

www tj@ modified faq/faq4.html: mention that signify packages on other oses don't always include the public keys. if they do,…

www jca@ modified want.html: Remove my request for a laptop, fulfilled by the Foundation. Thanks!

www akoshibe@ changed a few things: Add slides and paper from AsiaBSD talk

www henning@ changed a few things: add my asiabsdcon slides and paper

www tj@ modified faq: reorder sections for clarity and trim some verbiage. input/ok tb

www tj@ modified faq/faq4.html: add direct links to the various install/miniroot files for each platform and tweak the formatt…

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors.dat: update some FF lines

www benno@ modified build/mirrors.dat: set new LF

www mlarkin@ changed a couple things: 2018 AsiaBSDcon/bhyvecon vmm(4)/vmd(8) update

www tj@ modified faq/current.html: add a brief section on booting bsd.rd to upgrade sets; suggested by severin kacianka. tweak…

www sthen@ modified want.html: Remove apu from my request, Oliver Marugg has offered me one. (I also had an offer from chris@…

www benno@ modified faq/upgrade62.html: add bgpd.conf changes. ok and help tb@ claudio@

www tj@ modified a few things: syspatches will now be provided for both supported releases.

www tj@ modified faq/faq15.html: merge two very similar lines about pkglocatedb into one and add a note about trimming unused…

www florian@ modified want.html: my X1 did not survive a2k18 :(

www tj@ modified faq/faq5.html: retire the ascii graph in favor of a simple explanation of release/stable/current. link to faq…

www tj@ modified many things: make the formatting of "-stable" and "-current" consistent across pages. ok tb

www tb@ modified faq/upgrade5*: zap ref to non-existent anchor and a small consistency tweak

www tj@ modified faq/faq5.html: better wording, less hyphen misuse

www tj@ modified faq/upgrade5*: remove javascript ok tb

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors.dat: add, from Daniel-Alexandru Stan

www juanfra@ modified want.html: My x61s needs more RAM.

www jsg@ modified faq/current.html: mention armv7 abi break

www stsp@ changed a couple things: add slides for guug 2018 talk which benno and I inherited from henning

www tj@ modified errata6*: release meltdown errata. amd64 only for now.

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors.dat: has https now, pointed out by hessnovTHR44 at mail,com

www jsg@ modified faq/current.html: mention inteldrm(4) ioctl changes

www sthen@ modified faq/current.html: mention that memcached's rc script has changed to localhost-only by default. current.htm…

www tb@ modified build/mirrors/ftp.html.end: make the instructions for prospective mirrors stand out a bit more from jose carl…

www tb@ modified ftp.html: sync

www sthen@ modified want.html: Add an APU to my request for Dell 6Gb/s SAS drives.

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: whitespace. start sentences on new lines

www bket@ modified faq/current.html: register removal of newsbeuter

www sthen@ modified faq/ports/guide.html: flesh out REVISION a bit, prompted by a question on irc

www rob@ modified faq/current.html: punctuation nit

www schwarze@ modified books.html: Update "SSH Mastery" to 2nd Edition. Add "Absolute OpenBSD" ISBN-10, fix "The Book of PF" C…

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors.dat: add FF for internode mirror, there's only one upstream they can be using

www tj@ removed users.html: this page is quite outdated now, with many dead links, so remove it.

www tb@ modified faq/faq6.html: fix a botched html tag

www tb@ modified faq/upgrade61.html: need to escape & in links

www bentley@ modified faq/faq1.html: Fix malformed tag: "a hree=" -> "a href="

www florian@ modified faq/current.html: rfc7217 blurb

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: fix <h3> closing tag, tweak markup and rephrase a little

www tj@ modified errata62.html: release unbound errata.

www tj@ modified errata62.html: fix date

www tedu@ modified amd64.html: reorder intel graphics devices new to old from Bryan Vyhmeister ok kettenis

www ajacoutot@ modified events.html: I gave a short talk about syspatch(8) at Fosdem 2018.

www tj@ modified faq/faq14.html: remove an extra "the" that snuck in; reported by namtsui

www deraadt@ changed a few things: a2k18 has begun

www stsp@ modified want.html: Remove my request for AR7010 devices. Thank you sthen@, and also ian@ who ordered a device which…

www tj@ modified errata6*: release ahopts/prevhdr/etherip errata.

www naddy@ modified arm64.html: don't mark up product names in monospace

www kettenis@ modified sparc64.html: Mention that OpenBSD runs on Fujitsu SPARC M12 machines.

www visa@ modified octeon.html: Add USG PRO-4 to the list of supported machines. Reported by Bryan Vyhmeister.

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors.dat: drop some dead mirrors, add an http to a previously ftp-only, add an https to a previou…

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors.dat: typo

www tj@ modified mail.html: remove a statement claiming that search engines are effective at finding answers to openbsd questi…

www kettenis@ modified sparc64.html: Move m3k to the list of unsupported machines and explain why.

www tb@ modified faq/faq14.html: clarify that the a partition must be of type RAID suggested by stefan wollny

www job@ modified build/mirrors.dat: Add Verizon Digital Media CDN

www job@ modified many things: sync

www naddy@ modified build/mirrors.dat: bytemine has grown https support

www naddy@ modified many things: sync

www tj@ modified libressl/index.html: remove claim of backwards compatibility with openssl for now. ok jsing

www jca@ modified faq/current.html: Instructions to switch armv7 to clang Committing on behalf of kettenis@

www jca@ modified faq/current.html: Fix markup

www ajacoutot@ changed opensmtpd: OpenSMTPD 6.0.3 released. committing on behalf of gilles@

www sthen@ modified want.html: Drives needed for an R410 (I'll need to move my mirror).

www tj@ modified errata62.html: release libssl errata.

www schwarze@ modified a few things: cope with renaming sysctl(3) to sysctl(2); reminded by sthen@ that the web pages also nee…

www patrick@ modified arm64.html: Mention that dwxe(4) is used on Allwinner A64/H5. Requested by Artturi Alm via tj@

www jca@ modified want.html: Add a request for a laptop. My x201 is dying and unusable for heavy stuff, and my x61 is only goo…

www sthen@ modified a couple things: Use -r<branch> in "cvs up" commands for -stable branches (-r was used in checkout but not…

www sthen@ modified anoncvs.html: sync

www bcallah@ modified events.html: I ran a porting workshop last night at NYCBUG.

www dtucker@ modified openssh/features.html: Remove mentions of now-deleted SSH1. Pointed out by schwarze@

www dtucker@ modified openssh/goals.html: SSH1 is now in the past tense. Pointed out by schwarze@

www tb@ modified build/support.dat: new support: Abel Abraham Camarillo Ojeda

www visa@ modified octeon.html: is back online.

www jsg@ modified want.html: An iBook G4 or PowerBook G4 with Radeon graphics would be helpful for working on radeondrm.

www tj@ modified faq/ports/guide.html: fix some broken english

www kettenis@ modified sparc64.html: Mention SPARC M7 and SPARC T7-1/2/4 support.

www bcook@ modified libressl/index.html: bump to 2.6.4

www schwarze@ modified innovations.html: add <li> that was forgotten

www tb@ modified build/support.dat: new email, address and description for nigerian support

www tb@ modified support.html: sync

www tj@ modified innovations.html: add issetugid(2)

www bcook@ modified libressl: release 2.6.4

www landry@ modified faq/current.html: Add a blurb about the buildbot upgrade. Probably rewritten/improved by a native speaker…

www job@ modified build/mirrors.dat: Add cloudflare mirror service OK sthen@

www kettenis@ modified armv7.html: Udate supported hardware a bit.

www naddy@ modified 62.html: 7984 mips64el packages; reminded by pirofti@

www tb@ modified faq/faq14.html: non-root filesystems should have an fs_passno of 2. from edgar pettijohn, thanks

www tb@ modified faq/faq13.html: livestreamer was replaced with streamlink and minitube now supports https from klemens nanni

www tj@ modified errata6*: release mpls errata.

www tj@ modified faq/faq13.html: play.samples was renamed to play.bytes, so adjust the text here. inconsistency reported by co…

www tj@ modified faq/faq14.html: fix a broken sentence; reported by corsah on freenode

www deraadt@ modified hackathons.html: lower case genua

www deraadt@ modified plat.html: graduate arm64 to supported; having syspatch it is even beyond some other systems

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: some markup plus some whitespace fixes

www kettenis@ modified faq/current.html: Instructions to get past the __cxa_thread_atexit bump.

www bru@ modified faq/current.html: new default setup for touchpads

www nayden@ modified build/mirrors/cvsync.html.end: Updating information about sizes of CVS repositories. This time in the cor…

www nayden@ modified cvsync.html: Updating sizes of CVS repositorys to reflect current sizes.

www tj@ modified errata62.html: release fktrace errata.

www tj@ modified faq/faq10.html: arm64 gets syspatches now

www giovanni@ modified events.html: Link slides from my talk about pledge(2) prompted by tb@

www tb@ modified events.html: link to the 2017 version of the conference page, not the 2018 announcement.

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: merge two entries that only differ in one word.

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: use latest version of readme

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: mention postgresql major update to 10.1

www tb@ modified events.html: the open source summit 2017 happened a month ago

www tj@ changed a couple things: add the "ninja" shirt to our fine catalog

www tj@ modified tshirts.html: add missing <hr> tag

www bentley@ modified faq/ports/specialtopics.html: Update mandoc links. From Jan Stary; thanks!

www deraadt@ changed a few things: s2k17 hackathon begins at elk lakes cabin. 13 people total, well some of them are still sno…

www tb@ modified faq/pf/rdr.html: the "redirection and filtering" section was removed for 4.7. zap confusing title and anchor.…

www deraadt@ modified innovations.html: repair order

www deraadt@ modified innovations.html: register allocation thing is an innovation

www tb@ modified faq/ports/testing.html: zap stray paren. from stéphane huc, thanks

www tb@ modified faq/ports/specialtopics.html: remove a copy-pasted tab after = which looked very odd. from stéphane huc

www gilles@ modified opensmtpd/donations.html: thanks Tyler

www jcs@ modified build/support.dat: remove superblock

www jcs@ modified support.html: sync

www tb@ modified faq/faq10.html: fix link to group(5) from julien steinhauser, thanks

www visa@ modified octeon.html: Add the Unifi Security Gateway to the list of supported machines. System usability confirmed b…

www tedu@ modified amd64.html: kaby lake is 7xxx series

www stsp@ modified want.html: Remove my request for Atheros AR5008E-3NX devices. One such device was donated some time ago, th…

www stsp@ modified want.html: Add a request for AR7010 devices which I will need to continue working on USB athn(4) open sourc…

www landry@ modified faq/faq15.html: Provide a PKG_PATH example with several mirrors and installpath value. initial diff by me…

www landry@ modified want.html: The laptop request has been taken care of by the OpenBSD Foundation, many thanks!

www tb@ modified faq/upgrade62.html: fix broken link: #AfterUpgrade -> #ConfigChanges. from awoserra via danj, thanks

www espie@ modified faq/faq15.html: In general, pkg tools are fairly sturdy. Spell out more clearly that most use cases of pkg…

www benno@ modified faq/current.html: html is hard, lets go shopping. thanks tb@ for noticing

www benno@ modified faq/current.html: ifconfig <if> deletetunnel replaced by -tunnel

www deraadt@ modified want.html: clarify a sentence

www deraadt@ modified want.html: no longer need that

www feinerer@ modified want.html: SAS disks are no longer needed in Vienna, Austria. Remove entry on martin@'s request.

www tb@ modified books.html: apue 3rd edition appeared way back in 2013. diff from mazo comp

www landry@ modified want.html: better specs now that i looked deeper..

www deraadt@ changed a couple things: bsdtw is over

www tb@ modified lyrics.html: move a link to https

www tb@ modified many things: fix significant whitespace and convert some multiline <tt> to <pre>

www tb@ modified errata28.html: fix ugly whitespace

www tb@ modified faq/ports/guide.html: avoid unfortunate linebreaks inside <tt> with whitespace:pre. from stephane huc

www schwarze@ modified faq/ports/guide.html: typo; from Stephane Huc via misc@

www tb@ modified faq/ports/guide.html: add missing markup from stephane huc, thanks

www visa@ modified octeon.html: The switch ports do not work on the EdgeRouter PoE.

www patrick@ modified faq/current.html: Document backwards incompatible change to ECP groups in isakmpd, so that admins are aw…

www mlarkin@ modified faq/faq6.html: FAQ entry for new vmm(4) networking information. I'll uncomment this at 6.3 release time.…

www bcook@ modified libressl: release 2.6.3

www tb@ modified faq/faq14.html: add missing </b> spotted by matthias schmidt

www tb@ modified faq/faq14.html: rework the section on DUIDs slightly making clear that they are the default way of identifyin…

www tj@ modified errata61.html: remove syspatch mention since 6.1 isn't getting those anymore

www tb@ modified alpha.html: fix sentence about several installation media. pointed out by stephane huc "pengouinbsd"

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: if the filesystem containing your /usr/share is quite full, you want to free space before u…

www tb@ modified alpha.html: fix screwed-up comments. pointed out by stephane huc "pengouinbsd"

www tb@ modified macppc.html: missing 6.2 bump and zap extra paren pointed out by stephane huc "pengouinbsd"

www tb@ modified alpha.html: zap stray end of comment marker pointed out by stephane huc "pengouin bsd"

www benno@ modified hackathons.html: complete entry, ok stsp@

www job@ modified innovations.html: Update innovations webpage - change order of the h3 sections - add <strong> around the imp…

www tb@ modified faq/faq14.html: add missing /dev/. pointed out by Stephane HUC "PengouinBSD"

www reyk@ modified events.html: Sorry people, I had to cancel my talk as BSDTW.

www landry@ modified 62.html: Actual numbers for ppc & sparc64 pkgs, reminded by phessler@

www deraadt@ changed a few things: p2k17 has begun

www rpe@ modified hackathons.html: p2k17 is a ports hackathon

www schwarze@ modified innovations.html: mention start years for projects maintained by OpenBSD developers outside OpenBSD

www schwarze@ modified innovations.html: mention cvs2gitdump

www bcook@ modified build/Makefile: bump OpenNTPD

www bcook@ changed openntpd: release OpenNTPD 6.2p3

www mlarkin@ modified faq/current.html: mention new vmd(8)/vm.conf(5) bridge syntax

www tj@ modified faq/pf/example1.html: add a link to the list of hostap-capable wireless cards

www landry@ modified want.html: I love my X200s (which was already a donation), but unfortunately its GMA45 chipset doesn't su…

www tb@ modified faq/faq6.html: XXXrelease: upcoming vmd(8) changes will require adjustments in the networking vmm guests sect…

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: tweak previous

www patrick@ modified faq/current.html: Document backwards incompatible change to ECP groups in iked, so that admins are aware…

www dtucker@ modified openssh/list.html: Fix links to mindrot list management pages; from Dennis Restle.

www schwarze@ modified innovations.html: mention portable version of cwm(1)

www schwarze@ modified innovations.html: shorten manual page URIs for readability

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors*: - show rsync URLs for repository mirrors, adjust text to match - don't duplicate primary h…

www sthen@ modified a couple things: sync

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors.dat: now provides rsync access to the repo (alternative to cvsync);…

www tj@ modified faq: new section on exporting a list of installed packages to import on a new installation. idea and initial…

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: this page contains instructions not only about building but also about upgrading to a snaps…

www stsp@ modified hackathons.html: There was no s2k14, so Markus Hall must have made the art for s2k15 instead.

www sthen@ modified faq/current.html: mention the change in neomutt (upstream renamed binaries mutt->neomutt to avoid conflict…

www phessler@ modified 62.html: add alpha package count

www naddy@ modified faq/faq14.html: /dev/urandom is the preferred random device

www visa@ modified 62.html: package count for mips64

www pirofti@ modified 62.html: 6260 hppa packages built for the 6.2 release.

www tb@ modified faq/ports: make the "how does it work?" section an "introduction", matching the change to faq15

www kili@ modified faq/upgrade62.html: Existing at(1) files in the spool need different group ownership. ok tb@ (+ tweaks), st…

www tb@ modified faq: remove one hierarchy of titles in faq15.html so index.html is a bit more informative. remove the #PkgMgm…

www tb@ modified faq: merge "how does it work" into the introduction, as suggested by tj

www tj@ modified faq: fix capitalization and add a missing <p>

www tb@ modified faq/faq15.html: missing </ul>

www tj@ changed faq: move ports-specific bits to their own page. ok tb

www tj@ modified faq/faq15.html: tweak previous: put "pkg_info -Q" example back and adjust some wording. discussed with tb and…

www tb@ modified faq/faq14.html: add a short section explaining how to do an FDE install with a keydisk. from scott bonds <sco…

www espie@ modified faq/faq15.html: Not enough people know about pkglocatedb, whereas I don't think I've used pkg_info -Q in a…

www tj@ modified faq/faq10.html: clarify that only the most recent release gets syspatches

www bluhm@ modified errata6*: Add tcb_invalid OpenBSD 6.1 errata 032 and OpenBSD 6.2 errata 001.

www phessler@ modified 62.html: add package counts for arm

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors.dat: and now use canonical URL format

www sthen@ modified many things: sync

www schwarze@ modified faq/ports/specialtopics.html: security/nessus was deleted, so use mail/dovecot for an example; noticed…

www schwarze@ modified innovations.html: s/nops?/NOP/; in part from Raf Czlonka <rczlonka at gmail dot com> on misc@

www tj@ modified faq/pf/logging.html: "packet logging through syslog" section is outdated; remove it until someone can update…

www anton@ modified anoncvs.html: sync missing revision 1.529 of mirrors.dat

www krw@ modified 62.html: Typo, s/dhclient.conf/dhcpd.conf in link text.

www anton@ modified build/mirrors/anoncvs.html.head: Favor `cvs checkout` over the `cvs get` synonym to keep it consistent wit…

www anton@ modified anoncvs.html: sync

www espie@ modified 62.html: manpages, manpages everywhere

www schwarze@ modified innovations.html: 6.2 release: update entry for library order randomization to mention libcrypto and ld…

www deraadt@ changed a few things: release 6.2

www phessler@ modified 62.html: add package counts for aarch64

www visa@ modified octeon.html: Tweak the list of supported machines.

www tj@ modified faq/pf/example1.html: fix indenting; from ross l richardson

www tj@ modified many things: 6.2 updates

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors.dat: fix case on mine

www sthen@ modified build/mirrors.*: Add URLs for a couple of anoncvs/cvsync mirrors which offer the CVS repository over rsync…

www sobrado@ modified 62.html: fix package count for i386. ok sthen@

www tb@ modified faq/upgrade62.html: if you wish to build your own releases, you need more room on /usr/obj

www tb@ modified faq/upgrade62.html: prepare hooking up of upgrade63.html

www tb@ modified faq/upgrade62.html: no "files to remove" and "after upgrading" sections this time. adjust some wording accord…

www tb@ modified faq/upgrade61.html: add links to upgrade62.html

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: fix date

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: roll for 6.2

www tb@ added faq/upgrade62.html: upgrade notes for 6.2

www guenther@ modified 62.html: Add various libc/kernel enhancements

www guenther@ modified 62.html: mention fktrace(2)

www rob@ modified 62.html: Fix typos.

www rob@ modified 62.html: Fix typo.

www rob@ modified 62.html: Change lastcomm(8) to lastcomm(1).

www rob@ modified 62.html: Full stops and grammar.

www rob@ modified 62.html: Fix copy and paste error on snmpctl(8) man page reference.

www rob@ modified 62.html: Full stops.

www rob@ modified 62.html: Stray backtick.

www eric@ modified 62.html: smtpd changelog

www jsing@ modified 62.html: Detail LibreSSL related changes, along with some TLS related changes/additions to nc(1).

www tedu@ modified 62.html: automatic suspend by apmd

www jsing@ modified 62.html: Add libtls CRL support, fix tyop.

www jsg@ modified 62.html: add more arm drivers and correct existing entries

www jsing@ modified 62.html: Wrap long lines, minor rewording/consistency fixes, more man page references.

www jsing@ modified 62.html: Wrap long lines, wording/consistency fixes and man page additions/corrections.

www deraadt@ modified 62.html: fix a version

www deraadt@ modified 62.html: remove some ...

www djm@ modified 62.html: OpenSSH section; prodded by deraadt@

www bluhm@ modified 62.html: Fix typo.

www deraadt@ modified 62.html: more text

www dlg@ modified 62.html: pool caches are a thing

www jca@ modified faq/current.html: Mention the deprecation of the emacs-usemeta ksh(1) option Better late than never.

www deraadt@ modified 62.html: song will be late

www benno@ modified 62.html: mention that bgpd can now run multiple times in different rdomains.

www tj@ modified errata61.html: typo

www djm@ modified openssh/security.html: mention sftp-server read-only bug

www tj@ modified errata6*: release xrstor_resume errata.

www visa@ modified 62.html: Mention witness(4).

www visa@ modified 62.html: Mention machines that are now usable with OpenBSD/octeon. Prodded by chris@

www dcoppa@ modified 62.html: Add CMake to "Some highlights"

www mlarkin@ modified 62.html: add some vmm/vmd improvements and a few other things I worked on during this release. Also fix…

www mpi@ modified 62.html: ddb(4) improvements, including 'kill', 'pprint', 'show struct' and displaying the correct number of…

www tb@ modified 62.html: amd64 now uses AES-NI in the installer, some minor pledge stuff and powering off of all codecs to el…

www tj@ modified errata6*: release xrstor errata.

www djm@ modified many things: openssh-7.6

www djm@ added openssh/txt/release-7.6: release notes for openssh-7.6

www visa@ modified 62.html: octeon bits

www schwarze@ modified 62.html: xlocale and mandoc; reminded by jca@

www mpi@ modified want.html: I'm looking for a PCIe to USB 2.0+1.1 card supported by ehci(4) and ohci(4). It will be used in i…

www krw@ modified 62.html: Mention nvme fix that allows creation of valid GPT.

www jca@ modified 62.html: Put ifstated+interface departure/arrivals in the correct section

www jca@ modified 62.html: Fix a few typos

www jca@ modified 62.html: Stuff rob@ has been working on

www jca@ modified 62.html: Add some stuff I've worked on

www pd@ modified 62.html: vmctl(8) send and receive

www bluhm@ modified 62.html: Add thinks I have implemented according to ChangeLog.

www krw@ modified 62.html: softraid & vioscsi

www brynet@ modified 62.html: Mention my work on fork+exec for pflogd(8) and tcpdump(8)

www krw@ modified 62.html: dhclient changes and dhcpd.conf change.

www krw@ modified 62.html: dhcpd & dhcrelay

www brynet@ modified 62.html: split KARL and Trapsleds onto their own lines and expand upon them, also mention library re-reli…

www sthen@ modified 62.html: pucdata->puc

www brynet@ modified 62.html: mention clang for i386 and amd64

www brynet@ modified 62.html: Fix thinko in previous..

www brynet@ modified 62.html: briefly mention KARL and trapsleds

www jca@ modified 62.html: Fix closing tag

www tb@ modified 62.html: ksh(1) history file: plaintext format and HISTCONTROL

www tb@ modified 62.html: typo: TOICSTI -> TIOCSTI

www espie@ modified events.html: GConfs finished cutting the stream up, add links to all OpenBSD videos at eurobsdcon

www tb@ modified 62.html: use https for

www tj@ modified build/mirrors.dat: update contact info for eu mirror

www anton@ modified 62.html: Fix previous; ->

www deraadt@ modified 62.html: TIOCSTI in security block says jca

www mpi@ modified 62.html: IP layer runs w/o KERNEL_LOCK -> improve perf and reduce latency futex(2) based mutex and condvar f…

www lteo@ modified 62.html: - Fix KDE4 version - Perl is at 5.24.2 - Remove stray comma

www ians@ modified 62.html: Mention new amdisplay(4) and nxphdmi(4) ARM drivers.

www phessler@ modified 62.html: fix the cvs tag to use to fetch ports

www mikeb@ modified 62.html: Mention Xen improvements and FQ-CoDel support

www anton@ modified 62.html: Mention removal of TIOCSTI and improved UTF-8 support in ksh.

www otto@ modified 62.html: freezero(3) and other malloc work

www florian@ modified 62.html: I did things with the network stack.

www stsp@ modified 62.html: In the hardware support section, fix some man page links which I botched.

www rpe@ modified 62.html: Add various installer improvements.

www stsp@ modified 62.html: start filling in new/improved hardware suport section arm64 wins a prize for most new drivers adde…

www stsp@ modified 62.html: jsg@ points out that some of the new arm64 drivers were also added on armv7. So label each such li…

www matthieu@ modified 62.html: update Xenocara version numbers

www espie@ modified 62.html: specifically mention the clang ports work

www stsp@ modified 62.html: typo

www stsp@ modified 62.html: populate the wireless stack improvements section

www florian@ modified 62.html: nsd & unbound version numbers

www jasper@ modified 62.html: - update ports version numbers - remove mono (marked BROKEN) - add neomutt

www deraadt@ added errata62.html: rough-in for 6.2 errata

www deraadt@ added 62.html: rough-in for 6.2

www deraadt@ changed plus*: rough-in for plus

www deraadt@ modified many things: roll errata pages

www job@ modified build/mirrors.dat: Add name

www jasper@ modified events.html: link to my slides

www jasper@ modified donations.html: add Araneus who sent me two of their RNG devices, thanks!

www espie@ modified events.html: fix my link sorry

www jasper@ modified donations.html: remove trailing whitespace and zap pointless href for my entry

www tj@ modified faq: add instructions for configuring a wireless access point and clean up some overly long explanations.

www landry@ changed a couple things: Add my eurobsdcon slides. Use textproc/mdp to display the markdown formatting in a termin…

www tj@ modified faq/faq14.html: clarify that raid stacking being unsupported is only referring to softraid.

www tb@ modified faq: a number of typos from lubos boucek

www tb@ modified faq/current.html: tweak previous; add links

www robert@ modified faq/current.html: mention that a manual migration of configuration files is needed for kopano

www jasper@ modified want.html: abieber@ and i could hardware to test and develop urng(4)

www ajacoutot@ modified want.html: This has been taken care of; thank you very much OpenBSD Foundation!

www tb@ modified faq/faq10.html: add rdist(1) to the list of synchronization tools. from raf czlonka

www bcook@ modified build/Makefile: bump for 6.2p2

www visa@ modified octeon.html: Add a few machines that are usable with -current.

www bcook@ changed openntpd: bump to 6.2p2

www ajacoutot@ modified want.html: I shall be without a laptop soon.